The process steps

  • At the beginning, the worker starts the work order and places the presorted wooden parts on the transverse conveyor with excess.
  • After the planer has been adjusted for the required wood height and width, the infeed is released.
  • Behind the planer, two wooden parts are then formed into pairs with the same length and the same end profile or fed as individual wood to the ECO tenon cutter.
  • In the infeed device, the wooden parts are clamped tightly to the zero edge of the tools.
  • The machining starts and the first end face is sawn before it is then rounded at the top and bottom.
  • By means of the slot-pin counter tools, the milling, including the splitting, is carried out.
  • The tool support travels through the fixed workpiece.
  • In the next step, the workpiece is transported to the length stop and the second end face is machined.
  • Of course, the first processing of the subsequent parts starts at the same time.
  • The end-face machining of the workpieces in the ECO tenon cutter is thus completed.
  • The onward transport takes place again via a transverse conveyor.
  • Furthermore, longitudinal machining is carried out in the CNC drilling machine with automatic feed.
  • Examples are rung drilling, pocket milling, olives, etc.
  • If no machining operations are required in the drilling machine, it can be bypassed via a bypass.
  • The complete longitudinal profiling is then milled on the first side.
  • A small transverse transport is installed behind the first longitudinal profiling in order to enable the milling units to move freely as quickly as possible when changing the profile of the second longitudinal profiling.
  • At the end of the system there is then a transverse conveyor, which collects the finished wooden parts.


  • the available space is 9 m wide / 30 m long
  • Part length: 280-3500 mm
  • Part height: 50-120 mm
  • Part width: 50-200 mm
  • required performance: 2.5 parts/minute in single wood processing
  • required performance: 4.0 parts/minute in double wood processing

System animation

BETH Sondermaschinen GmbH
BETH Sondermaschinen GmbH

Distinctive features of the project

  • large profile design with reduced tool requirements possible
  • no movements on the wood to be processed in the ECO tenon cutter, workpieces are fixed on one side of the tool table and tools drive past
  • tear-free processing of the end faces by running counter-woods
  • separate radius cutters increase the service life of the main tools as well as the milling quality
  • a continuous stop on the opposite side of longitudinal profiling machines is used to produce absolutely parallel parts
  • BETH is the only supplier on the market to equip pressure shoes with servo adjustment in front of and behind the longitudinal profile spindles for sensible splitting
  • modern feed system with feed rollers
  • axial adjustment of the feed rollers (pneumatic or with servo drive)
  • adjustment of tool positions (horizontal and vertical) with servo drives
    traveling tool tables
  • adjustment of the machine tables to the tool diameter (allows small parapet dimensions in a continuous machine)
  • machine bases filled with polymer concrete ensure smooth running
  • speed-controlled direct drives (no belt drive)
  • energy-efficient motors and feed-back modules
  • one employee is enough to operate the plant


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