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Standard machines can often only offer compromises and only meet a fraction of the requirements. Entirely unlike our special machines – specifically planned, developed and built according to the customer’s wishes. Thanks to the individual consultation and close coordination with you, tailor-made machine concepts are created that usually not only meet all requirements, but also often also exceed them.
If, for example, specialists used to be tied up by inefficient work processes, modern special machine solutions can utilize previously unknown potential and set up the production to be future-proof. The focus here is not just on the actual machining process: The upstream or downstream steps, such as storage technology, handling and packaging technology, are the linchpin for a sustainable increase in efficiency. Also in these areas, special solutions for special application areas, such as parts storage or frame presses in window production, can be developed and implemented as part of the overall concept – in general, everything is possible and is only limited by the laws of physics.

Special machines are product-specific and fly in the face of the trend towards making production processes more flexible?! Definitely not. We are your competent advising partner with over 25 years of experience and will find the ideal combination of tried-and-true standard solutions and individual special designs for you, entirely in line with your needs and your production environment. We have an overview of the latest innovations and existing machine solutions on the market and maintain intensive exchange with our supplier companies.

Special machines for woodworking
Special machines for woodworking

Broad range

A machine solution for every problem

Have you discovered potential for improvement in your production chain and have not yet found a suitable solution? Then you should give us a call. Our technicians and engineers have years of experience with unusual machine solutions and are happy to meet your challenge. From small special machines to individual large-scale systems, we are there for you. You should always remember: Sometimes it is exactly the alleged insignificant interfaces that can disrupt the entire production flow and tie up valuable resources. With our individualized special machines, you can sustainably optimize your production process.

BETH and Paul Köster

The best of both industries

One industry that stands for innovation, dynamism and high requirements: the automotive industry. Our partner company Paul Köster GmbH has already been active in the automotive sector for many years and proudly looks back on a large number of renowned customers. In the over 115-year company history, many complex machines and systems have been built and extensive experience has been gained. Thanks to the close connection with Paul Köster GmbH, we can transfer this know-how from the automotive industry to the timber industry, which makes our machines particularly modern and innovative. So no matter how unusual ”your machine” is supposed to be, just talk to us. We look forward to your working on your task.

A strong partnership: BETH and Paul Köster
A strong partnership: BETH and Paul Köster


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