The process steps

  • To start, the door is positioned and clamped in the machine, completely automatically
  • The relevant door dimensions are intelligently recorded and processed
  • Machining steps for the lock and hinge side, which are selected via the BETHCoreWeb user interface, as well as in the areas of the lever handle and keyhole are generated completely automatically as NC programs and are processed by the SIEMENS SINUMERIK ONE
  • Thanks to the automatic tool change system, cumbersome setup time is eliminated
  • This results in clean processing results within the shortest period of time with simultaneous maximum flexibility in the machine operation

Processing diversity

  • Face milling
  • A wide range of lock case milling
  • Edge bolt and fixed leaf milling
  • Strike plate milling
  • Hinge milling with left/right-rotating tools to avoid tear-out
  • Pre-drilling for hinge installation


  • Door width: 398 mm - 1450 mm
  • Door thickness: 38 mm - 65 mm
  • Door height: 1500 mm - 2500 mm
  • Cycle time: 45 seconds per door
  • Innovative software solution BETHCoreWeb
  • Control technology based on SIEMENS SINUMERIK ONE

Machine Video

BETH Sondermaschinen GmbH
BETH Sondermaschinen GmbH

Distinctive features of the project

The strength of our machine is very clearly the variety of possibilities for the worker: Thanks to the innovative software solution BETHCoreWeb, it’s a breeze to create and save new door and machining types. Custom orders, from a lot size of 1 to series production, can therefore be produced on the SE270DS entirely without the help of a programmer. This offers a completely new level of independence in the long term, as well as tremendous cost and time savings. In addition, the respective operator does not need extensive training or specialized knowledge thanks to the intuitive menu guidance. Simply structured, graphics and images coherently guide the machine user through the menu so he or she can create custom doors and have them produced, no matter the quantity. This means our customers are well-positioned in the long term.
The entire concept is completed by the exclusive use of high-quality system components from renowned suppliers for maximum quality and durability in continuous industrial operation - the positive reports on experiences in the past have shown us this. Allegedly small details, such as a solid design according to the so-called “heavy machine construction,” low-vibration operation or direct drive motor spindles then make a difference in the long term. And we know that.


Are you facing similar challenges?

We will be happy to advise you on projects of this sort and answer any questions you may have about our references.

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